Monday, May 4, 2009

Yesterday was a delicious day.

You know those days where you can tell that nature is bowing to the Glory of God? Cruising along in my junky little VW, I admired the lush green hue of the trees as I drove to church. You could almost hear the trees singing their praises to the Heavens as they were kissed by the gentle pitter patter of raindrops falling from the charcoal sky.

Church was amazing in every single way. Sometimes you feel like Jesus is sitting right next to you, whispering in your ear, "that was meant for you," after every single sentence that is preached. Those times where you feel the Holy Spirit so tightly wrapped around you that there is a warmth; a tangible warmth that you can't help but feel. It's so warm, so cozy, so safe. You never want Him to let you go. Never, ever. Yesterday was one of those days.

The early part of my afternoon was a conglomeration of fried chicken, laughter and Highschool Musical 3. I drove home listening to the Beatles, and wishing I could have been one of those adoring, screaming, pigtail wearing, pre-pubescent girls back in the day.

At home, my house was filled with roughly forty people... so many children, and laughing adults... so much noise! It was wonderful. I love coming home to utter chaos. I spent quality time with my brother and trecked back to West Chester. I'm sure many people thought I was a grandma driver... I took every turn at about 10mph because my tires are bald and the roads were covered in water. I really need to take Sir Cantankerous into the shop for some work.

The rest of my evening consisted of showtunes around the piano, recalling childhood memories with close friends, ooh-ing and ahh-ing over Barbara Streisand's voice in Funny Girl and learning that some people are brought into your life to bring you the most amazing joy and the biggest challenges, all in one moment.

Yes, yesterday was a good day.

I have absolutely nothing to do today. Nothing. I have not felt this way since Monday, January 12th. What an unbelievably odd, yet strangely wonderful feeling. So what shall I do? I believe I will do things like drive to the library and take out a ridiculously large stack of books. I'll set it on my end table so that every morning and night I'll be reminded that I only have a few weeks left in summer and I must get them all read. I'm going to brew myself a pot of loose-leaf tea and curl up in my bed. Perhaps I'll turn on Oklahoma! and watch Hugh Jackman be the most amazing "Curly" in the world. Yes, that is what I shall do today.

Oh summer, how I love you.


  1. You must show me this pillowcase trick-bohemian look? - love it. HSM3.. my fav scene is "the boys are back." and every other scene. was there a party at your home or are there always 40 people just hangin around?? that would be so fun if they were there every time you came home.. just for you. they all just live in your house now lol. showtunes around the piano? i live for those moments. get togethers with my moms side of the family always include a portion of the evening spent in song.. guitars, violins, accordions, voices. so glorious. is your car named sir cantankerous??? Mmmm.. just one more reason why we are kindred spirits <3

  2. come to Greensboro, we have HSM3, pancakes and... um.. me and Peter. Almost as good as the Beatles.