Thursday, May 21, 2009

i love lots of things...

i love the way sunscreen reminds me of the beach.

i love ryan seacrest.

i love breyer's vanilla bean ice cream.

i love steven and noah for all the time they've put into making my computer healthy again.

i love the frilly, girly, anne of green gables-esque shirt i just bought at forever21.

i love playing scrabble with way too many people than the game is designed for [and scoring big with words like "quota," "glitz" and "sexy"].

i love sitting in a dark field with friends under a sparkling sky of stars and singing worship songs til late at night.

i love movie nights with jonah and his hoodie that he lets me borrow all the time.

i love margie for giving me a second job [God answers prayer].

i love seeing old friends in the mall and making new ones when you least expect it.

i love leaving anonymous notes on friends' cars.

i love sitting in the living room with mom and dad, talking about the funny things that happen to us in life between mouthfuls of freshly popped pop corn.

i love cathleen and the fact that no matter what, she is there [always].

i love getting random phone calls from noah and the funny things we talk about [and of course the "later helga" that ends each conversation].

i love the steady, predictable sound of my fan humming away in the window.

i love watching mary drive away in her old man car and oversized sunglasses.

i love watching old marilyn monroe flicks with cax and anne and eating garlic bread pizza ridiculously late at night.

i love steven's iced coffee and pam's amazing banana bread with cream cheese filling [they make work a happier place].

yes, these are a few of the things i love.


  1. anne of green gables shirt <3

  2. I love writing about things that I love. doesn't it make you so happy...and thankful? :)