Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mediocre. I hope that my name and that term never appear in the same sentence enless they are referring to the level of skill that I posess in the field of mathematics. And even then they would not belong because to say that I am mediocre in mathematics is like saying that Hugh Jackman is an ugly man. It is simply not true; each of the previous statements are a falsehood. I wish I was mediocre in mathematics; that would be several levels up from what I am at this present moment.

But that is beside the point of what I am trying to say.

I wish to lead an elaborate life. I do not mean elaborate in the way that many might take that; eating in a stuffy dining room off of fine china each night and shopping at Saks Fifth Avenue on a bi-weekly basis.
I mean elaborate as in learning to embrace and make the most of the moments and experiences in life that come to us for such for such a short time. That sounds rather cliche and perhaps it is. If the cliche truly bothers you, click the little X in the corner of your screen and you'll be rid of my sappy babble. Otherwise, humor me for a few more sentences.

On a regular, never-ending basis, I [we] am faced with choices, with opportunities, with decisions. Some are bigger than others. Will I wear a pink shirt or a blue shirt? Should I stop at Wawa and buy the cup of coffee I've been craving all day or safe that $1.89 for something I really need? Should I switch my major to something I enjoy more even though its less practical? Should I date this person?

It is easy to just take these moments that face us in life as normal, everday, predictable decisions. Recently, I have been reminded of the importance of every decision we make in life. This is not to be one of those posts that is to revolutionize the way you think about your life. But it is a nice reminder of the fact that just because things become routine in life does not mean they do not hold importance and significance.

The moments in life when you're out on your friend's trampoline at 11:30 at night? Embrace that; its a memory. Those thirty minutes you have with the little five-year-old who climbs into your lap and wants nothing else than to just snuggle? Embrace that; they'll remember. The sore back you get from bending over and picking up the endless array of popcorn kernels from the floor at church? Embrace that; that simple act is blessing someone else. The time he feels like his life is a failure and you know what Bible verse he needs to hear? Embrace that; God will use you.

Living a life of mediocre moments is like gazing at a pond covered in a layer of scum that continues to thicken as the hot summer days yawn past; uninspiring and nauseating. Instead, I seek to live an elaborate life; one that embraces the little moments and finds some way to make them sparkle and glisten like the clear waters of a fresh water pond.

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