Tuesday, May 19, 2009

do you ever get that really scary gut feeling that you're going to end up marrying the guy you swore you'd never date?



  1. honestly, iv never had that feeling. i get scared that im going to end up like my parents tho. im so glad im single. i need to get myself in order before i can handle a relationship. you doin ok tho??

  2. yes, i'm definitely enjoying the single life right now. i hear ya there!
    yep, i'm doing just great. its just at times recently i feel like God keeps tapping me on the shoulder and saying "hold on there, miss. you dont have it all figured out. i'm the one who's in charge." :)

  3. oh, hahaha. em. *clears throat* yeah. maybe. a time or two. ;) Then I remind myself that I am most stubborn and generally not stupid and most of all that God is not vindictive

  4. it keeps me up at night.