Friday, May 15, 2009

observations and happenings from the past few days:

1. jonah and i discovered an unbelievably talented band from PA. they're called Halestorm. if you ever want to hear power chords and vocals, you've found the band. [they're especially good with the windows down and the radio blasting as you drive down South Street in Philly :-p]

2. gregg says: i touched your shoulder as if to say, 'we're still good buddies.' [i love him.]

3. boys who wear watches often drive old school cars and wear glasses. i like those boys.

4. at 7:00 this morning i was driving ashley to the philly airport. we were listening to 98.1 WOGL [one of the best radio stations ever], and a song had just finished playing. i randomly began to sing the opening line of "stay'in alive" by the beegees and not two seconds later, what song came on? "stay'in a live" by the beegees. how weird is that?

5. the movie Juno has the best soundtrack ever. i am blown away every time i hear it. how can one soundtrack be so good?

6. yesterday we bought the most amazing cheese in the entire world at the cheese shop in the Italian Market on 9th street. i wish i could remember the name of it.

7. i have become a pro at instructing my friends on how to order a Geno's Philly cheesesteak the proper way. if you need educated, just give me a buzz. it's an art.

8. i'm pretty sure ashley and i have consumed a record amount of junk food and amish rootbeer in the past 6 days. we should win a prize or something.

9. jonah and i sat in their music studio and talked about the greater things of life while listening to old cheesy songs that he wrote years ago. those are my favorite times with friends.

10. this weather makes me want to put on a sundress and go picnicking in a meadow.


  1. please help me order a cheesesteak.. im horrible at it.

    picnicking in a meadow?? any day girl.. any day.

  2. Um.. halestorm.. really?? haha.. i dont know you well enough to tell if your joking or not. if you do like them thats perfectly fine! i just wouldnt have thought you listen to that kind of music.. hah.