Monday, April 27, 2009


i took five finals in a ten-hour time span.

there was a boy in the library who looked like a young tom cruise. he asked a girl who was obviously just an acquaintance what color her eyes were. no, he didn't get her number.

i fell asleep on a wooden bench in the music building.

the cute hippie boy at turkey hill was taking out the trash. i want to be friends with him. he looks like he would be a good pal.

i laughed at my piano prof when i walked into her office to see her drinking tea out of a china tea cup and snacking on chocolates and cookies. she is my favorite.

yup. it was a good day.

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  1. haha. if i were a piano professor i would definitely drink tea out of a china tea cup and snack on chocolates and cookies.. that so cute. im glad that you had a good day. no more dead squirrels huh? thats good.. finals soon?? check out my blog-it's about mae's new project. have you heard about mae's new project??