Monday, April 20, 2009

last night i was vulnerable and scared.

last night i laughed to keep from crawling into a little ball and crying.

last night i sat on couches and listened to music with people that i love.

last night i talked in a phony british accent because doing so was more fun than just being sarah.

last night i wondered how i was going to do it all.

today i drank tea.

today i blocked out distractions.

today i smiled because i couldn't help myself.

today i was encouraged.

today i relied on HIS strength.

today.... yes, today was a good day.


  1. i know why your blog is called the yellow mailbox. is that creepy?

  2. haha. no, because depending on who you are, i've told you. =P

  3. you haven't told me.

    now is it creepy?