Friday, April 17, 2009

observation: school buses are the same color as the yellow lines on the road. i never noticed that before.

disgust: today i drove past a dead squirrel on the road. its tail was waving in the breeze. *shudders*

edit: i stood at rocco & anna's for 45 minutes, waiting for my pizza. got a 1/2 price coupon out of it. score.


  1. now i want to get a picture of a yellow school bus on the road next to those yellow lines. would be a cool pic. i see a theme with you and the color yellow. is it your favorite? cause its mine.

    i laughed out loud about the squirrel. still am! reminds me of scrat from ice age. did you ever see that movie? its funny.

  2. you know, yellow never used to be a favorite color of mine. but within the past year or so i've developed quite a love for it. its just so cheery and friendly.

    yes, i've seen ice age. hysterical movie. hehe.