Friday, November 5, 2010

Oh, the irony!

My life is hysterical at times. Connor likes to tell me I'm accident-prone and he's definitely right about that one.  I tend to attract weird, crazy, abnormal happenings.  I don't really know why that is, but it's been that way since I was a kid.  At least I provide ample opportunity for everyone to laugh, right?

Last Saturday, Dad and I went car shopping.  We've both had it up to "here" with my stupid Jetta (I call him Sir Cantankerous) and in my Dad's words, "we aren't sinking another worthless dime into that piece of junk."  It's time for a new car.  Actually, it's been time for a new car, but we'll get to that in a minute. 

So at 8:45am, we made our way through the lovely city of Coatesville (sarcasm, yes?) to the Toyota dealership to begin our search for a new vehicle.  Mom mentioned that she would be needing to drive my car to the grocery store while we were gone, so I gave her the keys before we left. The check engine light had come on in my car the day before, but that happens from time to time, so I really wasn't worried.  Besides, it had been about 40 days since the last car disaster, so I figured it was due for some trouble, due to Sir Cantankerous' record.  Anyways, the search began at the Toyota dealership and Dad and I sat down to talk to a sales lady about leasing possibilities, pre-owned cars, etc.  About an hour into our 'visit,' we received a phone call from Mom.  Our conversation went something like this,

Mom: Sarah, I'm sitting at the gas pump at the Turkey Hill in Parkesburg and your car won't start.  Is there something I'm doing wrong? 
Me: *sigh* Are you serious? 
Mom: Yes, Sarah.  I'm serious. 
Me:  We're gonna have to get it towed. 

Story.  Of.  My.  Life.

The irony of my situation really amazes me.  Of course, Sir Cantankerous couldn't have waited to break down until after I've purchased a new car.  No, that would let me off too easily.  Since then, the verdict has been an estimated near $600 bill to fix the starter (which burnt out) and a few other things related to it.  No way, jose!  I am not payin' that.  At this point, I'm past getting frustrated about it and I am just laughing.  It's simply ridiculous, all of the things that have gone wrong with this car, and of course they aren't going to stop when I decide to look for a new one! 

Sir Cantankerous has certainly earned his name over the past 27 months or so that I've owned him.  To shed a little light on these past 2 years and why this beloved car has made my life so full of joy and happiness:

-The air conditioner leaks onto the floor of the passenger side when I drive up hills or the temperature exceeds 98 degrees. 
-If I turn my key too quickly in the key hole on the driver's side door, all of my windows will go down. 
-The motor in the driver's side back window is broken and so the window slides down into the door if I don't fix it every five minutes (or after I hit a number of large potholes in a row).
-The radio remains on, even when the car is turned off.  I have to manually turn it off and if I forget, the battery runs out.
-Do-Mi-Sol, Do-Mi-Sol, Do-Mi-Sol rings for a good 30 seconds after I shut my drivers side door.  I suppose the car thinks it's giving me a nice serenade before I begin my drive? 
-The AM radio only works if you turn it up ALL the way and even then it's hard to hear.

I could go on and on... this car is hysterical.  I'm certainly not complaining though.  Sir Cantankerous has been good to me and kept me safe through many a snow and ice storm on my long drives back from Lancaster.  But will I miss him when he's gone?  No, I don't think I will.  :)


  1. You should offer him to VW as a study case.

  2. I FOUND YOUR BLOG--nice try hiding it from me though ;) (jk smile!)

    The second of Sir C's cantakerousness made me laugh. I'm glad we didn't go up any hills that one time I rode in your car with you. What a curmudgeon (secretly I dream of owning a car with such a firmly established personality).