Monday, September 6, 2010

Ten Reasons to be Incandescently Happy

1. It's 76 degrees right now. Gorgeous.
2. 36 weeks to graduation! That's not that long, oh goodness!
3. My new black, lacy bra. I'm sorry to any of you who find this inappropriate, but there are some things in life that just make a girl crazy happy. New bras, panties and socks are definitely a few of those things.
4. Nutella. Need I say more?
5. I figured out how to get my car radio out of SAFE MODE, after several months of riding in silence. I was beginning to realize that my radio is a necessity - my thoughts are so very weird, when I'm in my car, all alone, driving home late at night. Just plain creepy!
6. I paid a total of $44.98 for textbooks this semester. Take that, MU bookstore! Who needs you anyway?
7. I'm in love with a wonderful guy. (South Pacific reference, anyone?)
8. The Phillies. Just because they're always a reason to be happy.
9. Fall weather means I can wear my chucks again! Connor will be so sad but I will be so happy!
10. Claritin D. Bye bye, allergies! Hello, crystal clear sinuses!


  1. Nice to see the happy list following the woes of the start of school. Happiness, like love, is a choice. :)

  2. omg, i have "happy panties" moments all the time. a Happy Panties Moment is any secret source of happiness. it's one of those things that you can't really let anyone else in on, but it's delightful regardless.