Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I love listening to librarians help confused students. Someday I'm going to do that, and when I'm in my sixties, I'm going to be a librarian who hosts story hour every Thursday morning. We'll read books like Peter Pan, Where the Wild Things Are, and Go Dog Go. We'll have a snack of Goldfish in plastic dixie cups and drink Juicy Juice out of those cute miniature juice boxes. It'll be fantastic.

A favorite pastime (probably not the best word to use but it'll work) is dragging my feet through the leaves as I walk across campus. Perhaps it's unlady like to drag your feet, but hearing the crunch is so worth it.

I really hate the way the Millersville Subway makes you smell like onions. Have you guys ever heard of Febreeze? Or maybe Glade Plug-Ins?

The accepted abbreviation for chicken parmesan is chicken parm, is it not? Apparently my friend John finds it offensive. If I tell him to deal is that too harsh?

I sat in the SMC computer lab for ten minutes re-typing my log-in over and over and over until I realized that the error messages I kept receiving weren't my problem; the SMC servers were down.

My ear itches. Sorry if that grosses you out, its a statement of fact.

A new personal goal is to strive to love God more passionately and for Him to play a greater role in my daily thoughts. I've always had this goal, and worked towards achieving it - but today marks a new resolve to do so.

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