Thursday, July 16, 2009

my mom said i need to be home more. its not like i haven't wanted to be home, but sometimes its so easy to just get caught up in your own schedule that you forget about the people you love most. its awful, but true.

so, in light of that conversation with mom, i have made an effort to be home this week and spend time with my family. the time at home has resulted in a a bit of a cooking and baking spree. so far its been peach cobbler, pizza and mango black bean salsa. delish. tomorrow promises experimenting with making my own hummus and also some amazing homemade granola. i'm pretty excited.

being home is nice. you realize that you don't have to be out being crazy with your friends every night. sometimes just being home, around your family, laughing at episodes of Family Matters or screaming at the tv as Chase Utley hits a home run, or sitting around the table discussing how your day at work was; sometimes those times are the very best, the very sweetest times of all.

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  1. sarah i agree! i feel like i havent been home in a while.. ive been there to sleep/eat but the in between times im running around like crazy!

    heres my number gimme a call sometime and well get together!!! 484-319-5936 !